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Hull-Oakes: America’s Last Steam-Powered Sawmill

In 1934, in the depth of the Depression, Ralph Hull started sawmilling by leasing a mill from a friend who had closed the operation due to harsh economic times. In 1936, Ralph’s uncle, Wes Miller, saw his Dawson sawmill burn to the ground. The only buildings undamaged in the fire were the boiler room and planer. Wes decided not to rebuild the sawmill and sold the site to Ralph.
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Outdoor Lounge Chair Ideas

Kick back in comfort outside with these great-looking outdoor lounge chairs. It’s built with a shape that cradles your body and keeps you from sliding down. The shape doesn’t add much challenge to the build, except lounge chairs made from bent wood. You can add to them waterproof furniture covers, which will make the maintenance easier.  Lounge chairs give you the chance to furnish your swimming pool area, garden or beach in any style you like – from rustic to modern. Continue reading Outdoor Lounge Chair Ideas

DIY Wooden Ring Box Ideas

Christmas? Easter? Valentine’s Day? Friday or Monday? You have millions of reasons, seconds and minutes to justify the purchase of a ring for your loved one. A ring should make a statement for itself and in a direct connection, the ring box or way in which you reveal it, present it, gift it, should be unique as well. It should match your personality, hers, his and add romance and beauty to this special moment. Continue reading DIY Wooden Ring Box Ideas