15 Candle Holder Ideas


Colder weather can sometimes make it a little less pleasant to enjoy the outdoors, a great DIY project for you to bring a little of the outdoors back inside is a candle holder made out of logs, sticks, or twigs. It’s a super simple idea that adds a nice bit of rustic warmth to any room when it’s a little too chilly to go outside. Take a look and see which style you like best!
You can buy one of these here: etsy.com Continue reading 15 Candle Holder Ideas

Geometric Animal Heads From Wood

Want to have animal’s head on the wall but don’t want to shoot them? Tomasz Ciurka  have a solution! He make them from pine wood with his own hands.

All of them are created by connecting geometric polygons. It takes him about 3 hours to complete one pet. It’s really nice DIY project because you need basic tools and cheap pine wood to create modern decoration for your wall. Continue reading Geometric Animal Heads From Wood

Wood Wall Art Ideas


Wall art decor adds character and personality to the room. Whether you want to save money, or just personalize your home, these projects are a great way to put your mark on your home. Improve your craft-abilities and create a modern hallmark for your living space, be innovative and create your own wall decorations. Some of designs can be hard to make but most of them are diy – you can do it at home with few simple tools and materials. Try one of our quick and impactful DIY projects to make a fresh change to your home. Continue reading Wood Wall Art Ideas

10 Barrel Furniture Ideas


We all know that giving old stuff a new life instead of throwing them away is valuable and ecological. There are pretty much different ways that people used old wine barrels to decorate their homes and outdoors. For example, they can be converted to dog houses, planters, sinks, tables, chairs and so on. It requires simple tools, little woodworking experience and, of course, barrels! Continue reading 10 Barrel Furniture Ideas

20 Creative Pallet Projects


Turn simple pallets into stunning crafts for your home! You can personalize your space without having to spend a lot of money. Featuring 20 creative upcycling ideas, you’ll transform old wood pallets into beautiful projects that will help fill your home and yard with style and personality. If you’ve never picked up a power tool, don’t worry, it’s easy to make, just dismantile pallets,  cut it to size and assemble it to any project you see here.  Continue reading 20 Creative Pallet Projects

This Couple Turned Their Floor Into Something Incredible


What you’re about to see definitely isn’t your average home renovation. In fact, it’s not your average DIY in general!

You stumble upon so many ridiculously creative projects nowadays while traversing the interwebs that it’s hard to keep straight all of the awesome stuff you want to do. And in some cases, there’s an overload of the same sort of things, but I can assure you this one is one of a kind.  Continue reading This Couple Turned Their Floor Into Something Incredible